Weekly Features





Kelseys Fried Green Tomatoes: Is this weather for real, are we in the dog days of summer or the beginning of fall? Well whatever it is let’s enjoy and eat! Perfectly breaded and golden fried green tomatoes, served with a mouth watering bacon aioli. its like a deconstructed B.L.T. in every bite!


Crabby Cheese steak: This bad boy is becoming a Kelsey cult classic! Mouth watering crab , tossed with sauteed onion, peppers, and our famous cheese sauce. Served with Old Bay fries

Hunter Style Grilled Pork: Get ready to bust out the grill , this bad boy is ready to melt in your mouth! Grilled Pork sirloin topped with a bacon balsamic reduction, with mushrooms rosemary and shallots. your mouth will be wondering what this celebration of food is for!

Tuscan Grilled Steak Salad: This bad boynisnt just a salad. Its a meal! Grilled Ny strip steak sliced and placed over a grilled heart of romaine stuffed with crumbled bleu cheese. finished with, roasted red peppers, fresh tomato and sweet balsamic reduction. oh wait and we can’t forget about the grsted parmesan. enjoy!

Shrimp Bisque Pizza: Do you need a description or would you just like to dig in already?? Our famous pizza, topped with shrimp, roasted red pepper, a touch of garlic and a crazy delicious shrimp bisque-like sauce. finished with a blend of cheese and server to you to go crazy about! Yuuuummmmmm

Sauce of the Week

Sweet Thai Chili: This sauce has all of the buffalo you need with some asian roots. It has slight heat from the buffalo sauce mixed with a sweet and savory asian influence. Trust me is gooOOOoood. Everyone enjoy to weather, have a safe, happy, healthy, and like always flavorful week!