Weekly Features




Seared Lamb Medallions: Can you believe it’s already towards the end of October and this weather is beautiful! Well let’s bask in this weather and some more flavorful treats! Dijon encrusted bone in Lamb tenderloins, seared to perfection and drizzled with a bacon balsamic reduction. My goodness doesn’t this just sound awesome! 10.95


Chicken Pumpkin Pot Pie: You know what our pot pie is all about, well let’s infuse it with the flavor of this season! Mouth watering tender chicken, tossed together, with mixed veggies in a pumpkin infused pot pie sauce. Finished with puffed pastry and a dollup of a pumpkin mascarpone. I can’t wait to dig in! 14.95

Tuna & Crab Oscar: I know you won’t beable to resist this treat! Grilled Tuna steak topped with mouth watering crab fresh asparagus and finished with a elegant hollandaise sauce. How can you pass this up . 19.95

Crab & Eggplant Rollintini: oh wait til you dog into this bad boy! Our lightly coated eggplant stuffed with out house crab stuffing a touch of provolone, and baked to perfection. Finished with out house scampi butter and seasoned bread crumb. 19.95

Kelsey’s Calzone: We are switching it up this weekend! we are pulling out this Italian classic. our fresh dough stuffed with delicious seasoned ricotta, and a savory mix of cheese. With you choice of toppings to stuff it with for extra $. Enjoy enjoy! 10.95

Sauce of the Week

Honey Jalapeno Garlic: This bad boy was a hit months ago and we are bringing it back by your request! This sauce has it all the sweetness of honey mixed with a bite of jalapeno and finished with the zest of garlic. Yum Yum. Enjoy this beautiful “fall” weather! Have a great week, stay healthy happy and like always enjoy your meal!